when you render something, anything.

do you even consider the resolution?
320x240, 600x800, yadaa yadaa and so on...

hmmmm, do you guys get it? or still dont get it?
okeyh, i have something to "show-off lahh" (quote from:halif latif) hahaha

can you spot the difference between this two picture?

perhaps, this picture will explain something,

now... you get the it right?
i render both of them with different resolution:

1) resolution: 8400 x 6300
2) resolution: 2100 x 1575

higher resolution = more detail you will get. yummmmyy
higher resolution = more time comsuming. yuccckkyy

anyway, have fun on rendering gals&guys! ^___^

currently, been quite buzy studying light composition and i still dont get it. *blueewwwk