IF - Racing

Crank kuning + Gauloises + Set kuning + Ar80

Don't try this at home with your bicycle kid! =P



Selamat Hari Jadi kepada "Akak" saya, Acik@Munira



AMCW - 2

There's 4 type category in architecture multimedia creative week (AMCW) :

- Montage
- Dubbing
- Interactive education
- Short film

Dsb3 Production:

Stop motion to pmm (Montage)

Introduction to pmm (Short film)

There's a lot of interesting video from semester 1- semester 6 but some of them are not uploaded yet or putted in facebook's video.
I don't know how to embed video from facebook's video. Sorryy -_-"

Btw, it such a great and happening event.
Hopefully it will be held again next year.




today is architecture multimedia creative week.
it should be interesting i guess. =D

sneak peak, one stop motion short film by dsb3 production



Happy Belated Birthday to my "akak", Maisarah
It's hard to believe that she's 22 this year.

Maybe because she is shorter than me. Haha XD


Islamic Kiosk

My group model, the "Islamic Kiosk" are inspired by our Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thanks to my group partner, Nuar for the great leadership + non-stopping idea & Lan for the awesome manual drawing on the presentation board.

see the roof ? =P

without roof

another view of the Islamic kiosk

Auww i forgot.. Thanks to hafiz for snapping all the picture above. He's a great photographer now. ( ecehhh bodek skit..hahaha )

p:s/ i should asked hafiz to snap some picture of the presentation board.