AMCW - 2

There's 4 type category in architecture multimedia creative week (AMCW) :

- Montage
- Dubbing
- Interactive education
- Short film

Dsb3 Production:

Stop motion to pmm (Montage)

Introduction to pmm (Short film)

There's a lot of interesting video from semester 1- semester 6 but some of them are not uploaded yet or putted in facebook's video.
I don't know how to embed video from facebook's video. Sorryy -_-"

Btw, it such a great and happening event.
Hopefully it will be held again next year.



syUhada99 said...

congretz dude ! kat video ptame uh ,aku paling ske kening2 dorg. haha.. sunggoh kretif ! :D

irkuysdamha said...

haha, kening tajam tuu =D