Tang long

my watch now showing 4.56am.. i still cant shut my eyes and they starting to look like a panda. im sure you will confuse between me and panda if im not stated that i am human.
haha.. enough of babbling.. here some picture of tang long(tang-long) i took last week. taking a picture of tang long didnt mean that i have to marry a chinese woman and it also didnt mean that i cannot marry one.. haha! *slap! slap!


fandi said...

apa kes? pts s_d_h h_nt_r k_h?

Bella Sinclair said...

Love those lanterns! Thanks for sharing those great photos. And I loved browsing through your illustrations. Really cool drawing style! Happy new year!

irkuysdamha said...

fandi>> b_l_m.. gua b_zy sk_t.. :P

bella sinclair>> thanks! i mostly snap picture with my handphone camera. happy new year to you too! ^___^