it's here!!!

i get myself a 2nd place in JOM Lukis UC part 1 contest.

early of this morning a "Pos-laju" arrive at my house. the postmen can't get it to my letter box because it is too big!
it can't be?
is it here?
yess! it's here!!

it's here...
and i still can't believe with my eyes it's here.

and the prizes are...


10 super awesome comics! no need to listed out because you can see it yourself from the picture above. :D
i wanna thanks to Urban Comic & Mr.Aim for sending me such a superbb prizes! ありがとうございました!

gotta go. i wanna start reading them! ^o^


- m!ss_yaNa - said...

tahniah... :)

fandi said...

peh otai

irkuysdamha said...

- m!ss_yaNa -
>> mekasih m!ssy!! ^o^

>> haha. ada2 jers.. :p

syUhada99 said...
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irkuysdamha said...

ehh.. mana hebat. ko yg hebat, sbb tu aku jd member ko.. *pening :p

dangerism said...

Tahniah! Semoga anda terus berjaya.